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I’ve valued walking alongside my clients as they made the best decisions for themselves and their families. I’ve learned to ask the questions my clients haven’t thought of yet, questions that help them uncover their own desires, fears and needs.

I’ve learned how I can use this knowledge to help others make these kinds of decisions. Here are some Events you can use to help you when you have a decision to make! Check out our various videos to get answers to your questions!

Lunch & Learn

Check out the Videos from our Lunch & Learn Series for valuable information.

How to efficiently de-clutter your living space by liquidating your personal items and earn money!

Everything you need to know about “Reverse Mortgages”. Get the facts from Julie Didyoung – RMF, a local lender who specializes in this type of loan.

What will it take for you to age comfortably and safely in your current home?

We go over the value of staging your home with little to no cost!

Do you know what legal documentation to have in place prior to downsizing?





Featuring Diane Levenson from “Diane’s Solutions, LLC” Diane Levenson Diane’s Solutions, LLC. She is a professional organizer who specializes in downsizing and decluttering.

Featuring Andrew Woolley, a Certified Financial Advisor and Planner, from “Personal Wealth Advisory, LLC”. He will assist and guide clients who are preparing to make a move and lifestyle change.

“How do I buy a home without selling mine first?”
“I don’t want another mortgage- what are my options for buying?”
“How do I retain my assets and reduce expenditures if I buy another home?”
Watch and learn about all the options and financial strategies that are available for your next move!
Video guest speakers:
Kim Engle, Ephrata National Bank
Craig Hummer, Ephrata National Bank