Smart Moves with Sue

Smart Moves with Sue

Considering a move for you, a loved one, or housing transition for your parents? Whether you’re downsizing, right-sizing or relocating…I’ll help you through the process. I’m here for you!

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Looking for a personal advocate, supporter, and partner who is focused on YOUR goals? Are you ready to take action and live life on YOUR terms? I’m here for you!

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FREE Downsizing Planning Guide & Workbook

The process of reducing or eliminating years of accumulated belongings can be a daunting task. For some, the prospect of sorting and parting with personal belongings can cause them to delay their move.   It can even prevent them from moving at all.

While dealing with decades’ worth of “stuff” can be challenging, it shouldn’t be a barrier to optimizing your living situation. With a good system, a little planning, and help from professionals, you can preserve the belongings you value the most, and simplify your move (and your life!) in the process.

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